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House Quality

House Quality とは、frescoプロダクトの基準からは少し外れていますが、ご自身のお気に入りとしてお使いいただくことには何ら問題のないアイテムです。ご自宅のルーティンアイテムやインテリアアイテムなどとしてご自由にお使いください。
サイズ違いや、色違いのHQアイテムが、ここfresco Online Storeでのみ20%OFFにてお求めいただけます。

“House Quality” is the items which can be used as your favorite house holdings at your house. They are out of our products standard. Some didn’t fit in the standard size, and some came out different colors from the indicated color charts on the catalog. So it’s no problem at all for your private use. And you can only purchase HQs at “fresco online store” for 20% or less!

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fresco Online Storeではそんな表情や1つ1つの特徴がわかるよう1点ずつ個別に販売をしております。


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Fresco products are being made at the studio where located in the middle of orange plantations in Izumi, Osaka.

 Carefully handcrafted glassware shows that the colors of softness and warmth in its character. 

 We try our best to display those unique individualities of each item by handling them as “one of a kind” at the Fresco Online Store. 

 So have fun at FOS for choosing your favorite works!