For International Customers

Return Policy

As every product is handmade and out of our standard policy, returning of products, or refunds are not accepted once it’s purchased and delivered to you. So please look at all of the images posted carefully. If you still are not certain about the item, you are welcomed to ask questions by contact form before the purchase of the product.

We would exchange a product, only when, if a defect which we were unable to detect before the dispatch of the product, or (and) a product arrived broken due to the defect of the product. (Not a cause of damage in transition.)

If the breakage is occurred during transition, please call the local delivery company.




For those precious customers who may wish to purchase the products from abroad, please click here and would lead your inquiry form to fill. 



Unfortunately, the majority of transportation companies are limiting their operations anywhere in the world now. We,  therefore, would like to research if there is (are) way to ship a partial to the destination you request, and fee that would cost to make the shipment.



Meanwhile, we would like you to give us the postal address you wish us to send to and the number of the product you would like to purchase.



So please be patient until we get back to you with the information shortly. We thank you for your understanding that they might be out of stock before our reply.



Only the House Quality products are listed on our online store, every product is only one for sale.



Please let us make more for you, if you wish to have more than one. 



However, we are afraid that you may not to order us making House Quality naturally, but you could place an order all of the standard Fresco products.